Consulting Services

We provide on-site education for managers and employees on the benefits and risks associated with medical cannabis and also help you manage and accommodate workers with medical cannabis prescriptions.

Organizational Needs Assessment

Workplace Cannabis Consulting will have an initial discovery meeting with the employer to determine their organization’s unique needs. It includes a review of past and existing workforce regulations, standards and experiences of note as well as discussions regarding the employer’s desired future state.

On-Site Education
for Management Team

The Benefits and Risks of Medical Cannabis

Workplace Cannabis Consulting will discuss the complexities of cannabinoid therapies and outline how medical cannabis should and should not be used to treat various health conditions. Participants will learn about:

  • The endocannabinoid system and how the human body responds
  • Evidence-based cannabinoid therapies
  • Predispositions, contraindications, and side-effects of cannabis
  • Key safety precautions and their relevance to workplace safety
  • Safety vs. accommodation considerations


Workplace Cannabis Consulting will provide practical tips and strategies for managing and accommodating workers with medical cannabis prescriptions. Participants will learn about:

  • Reasonable-cause drug testing and self-disclosure
  • Real-case examples of workers using cannabis in safety-sensitive jobs and how employers handled these complex situations
  • When there is a duty to accommodate workers with prescriptions for medical cannabis
  • Taking a proactive approach in updating policies and
    procedures including regulatory compliance


Contact us to receive more information about receiving or requesting cannabis consultation services from experienced physicians.


We offer medical services including claims management, drug plan reviews, independent medical examinations and more!

Onsite Education for the Workforce

Workplace Cannabis Consulting provides training for the workforce including educating the workforce on their company policy (specific to cannabis use), health and safety, and what they should know to remain safe while working.

Ongoing On-Site Workplace Support

Workplace Cannabis Consulting can provide ongoing advisory services, medical expertise, and consulting as needed to provide support for workplace incidents.

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