Medical Services

Our team of physicians have extensive musculoskeletal and occupational health and safety expertise, allowing us to provide medical services that are both cannabis and non-cannabis related.

Independent Medical Examinations:

Workplace Cannabis Consulting will provide an objective, third-party medical examination for an employee who has been identified for evaluation. This includes overviewing the employee’s requirement for and use of medical cannabis and evaluating if they are fit for work.


Medical Records Review:

Workplace Cannabis Consulting will review an employee’s occupational and medical history. If the employee is prescribed medical cannabis, dose and usage will be reviewed and recommendations will be made.


Medical Claims Management:

Workplace Cannabis Consulting will review disability claims while providing expert opinions and support.


Drug or Pharmacy Plan Review:

Workplace Cannabis Consulting provides consultation focused on an organization’s drug or pharmacy plan.


Return-to-Work Services:

Workplace Cannabis Consulting will determine if an employee is fit for work or requires additional treatment and consultation. Return-to-work services reduce costs associated with injuries and illnesses, while promoting the best interests and health of the employee.


Contact us to receive more information about receiving or requesting medical services from experienced physicians.


We offer consulting services including organizational needs assessments and on-site education for management and employees.

On-Site Education for the Workforce

Workplace Cannabis Consulting provides training for the workforce including educating the workforce on their company policy (specific to cannabis use), health and safety, and what they should know to remain safe while working.

Ongoing On-Site Workplace Support

Workplace Cannabis Consulting can provide ongoing advisory services, medical expertise, and consulting as needed to provide support for workplace incidents.

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