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Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals helps employers, lawyers, insurance companies and other organizations navigate through the complexities associated with medical and recreational cannabis.


Following an initial discovery meeting with the employer to determine their organization’ s unique needs, Workplace Cannabis Consulting can provide employers with on-site cannabis education, and medical and consulting services that are customized and in keeping with government policies.


Employers have a responsibility to accommodate employees’ use of medical cannabis, while also ensuring that employees are not working a safety sensitive job while impaired. The healthcare professionals at Workplace Cannabis Consulting can help lawyers update policies and procedures and also provide a variety of medical services including claims management.


With a growing number of medical and recreational cannabis users, it is important to remain up-to-date on the research, rules and regulations surrounding cannabis. Workplace Cannabis Consulting has both consultative services, including on-site education, and medical services, including independent medical examinations, available for insurance companies.

Unsure if we are able to assist your organization?  please contact us to learn how workplace cannabis consulting can serve your company and its employees.


We offer consulting services including organizational needs assessments and on-site education for management and employees.


We offer medical services including claims management, drug plan reviews, independent medical examinations and more!

Onsite Education for the Workforce

Workplace Cannabis Consulting provides training for the workforce including educating the workforce on their company policy (specific to cannabis use), health and safety, and what they should know to remain safe while working.

Ongoing On-Site Workplace Support

Workplace Cannabis Consulting can provide ongoing advisory services, medical expertise, and consulting as needed to provide support for workplace incidents.

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